I trained to be a professional ballet dancer for 10 years and quit at 16.  Then went to Cooper Union and received a BFA - with a painting and drawing major. Studied my first round of anatomy as an art student.  Started running after college/got hooked/started racing. Started receiving regular sports massage during marathon training.  My first massage therapist happened to have been a professional ballet dancer.  The massages were helping my very amateur running performance tremendously.  My recovery was so much faster. I literally made my decision to go to massage school while on the massage table!  The idea bulb lit up.  I needed to learn how to do this magic.  And the rest is history.  I am so grateful to have the amazing longevity that I have at my craft.  I have benefited by developing a super-sensitivity in my hands which cannot be taught or learned. It is only the hours and hours of hands-on time that I have experienced that has led me to where I am now.  In addition I have done many years of power lifting and strength training - which gives me another form of body awareness.  Still passionate about my work and thrilled that I work with this amazing population of humans -called runners. - (and their “civilian” friends too!!). 

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