I first went to see Leslie in 2011 for incredibly painful shin splints. After a few visits, my shin splints were gone and I learned how to prevent them in the future (don’t let your calves become hard as rocks). Over the years, I’ve gone to see Leslie for general high mileage wear and tear as well as for a number of injuries (Achilles tendinitis, IT band syndrome, and piriformis syndrome to name a few). Leslie cured me each and every time, so a friend and I started calling her “The Miracle Worker.” While I’ve found other massages to either be too aggressive or not very helpful, Leslie is so skilled and knows exactly how to heal me. I trust her completely and am so grateful to have found her.
— Tessa Benau, Dashing Whippets

Leslie Denunzio is my go-to sports massage therapist for many years.  As a runner, as well as the speed coach of my local track club, I not only go to see her myself when I have an injury that can benefit from her expertise, I always recommend her services to my athletes who are seeking massage care.
— Coach Tony Watson, Prospect Park Track Club

I am posting this to say that Leslie has helped me immensely through her massages. I am a runner and receive great benefit from her massages after a run. Additionally, I do notice a 40% increase in flexibility and range of motion after receiving her massage - so I do advocate her services!!!!
— Rick A.

“I’ve been seeing Leslie since 2012 and she’s been instrumental in keeping me healthy as I’ve logged 50-70 miles per week, year after year and into my 40s. She’s gotten me back on the roads following an injury many times, and helped keep me limber when I’m healthy. Her decades of experience with runners are evident the moment she begins a massage. In my experience, she just knows what to do, every time.”
— David Alm, Masters Team Captain of Central Park Track Club

For runners, Leslie is the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. She’s gifted at reading the body and is able to soothe painful, inflamed muscles and speed recovery time. But she’s also a powerhouse and really gets in there to neutralize pre-injury knots and kinks. Most importantly, though, Leslie’s massage goes past the technical aspect of manipulating muscles; she’s got a huge heart and “gets” the emotional agony that athletes feel when they’re injured. Being with her is healing for both the mind and the body.
— Anne Kugler, Elite Marathoner

When you’re training hard, a good massage is as important as proper rest and nutrition. Leslie knows how running and cycling stress the body and her massages are a vital part of my preparation for national and international championships. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent sports massage.
— Stephen Blacklocks, Bike racer and duathlete, British team 2006 World Cup Duathlon

With almost two years of regular massage by Leslie, I have never missed a day of training because of a soft tissue injury. I consider massage a key part of my training regimen and I train over 12 hours a week. With Leslie I know I am getting highly professional care from someone who appreciates the rigors of athletic training.
— John Mooney, Ironman Triathlete

I feel invigorated and strong and my performance in the US Open Triathlon improved after Leslie’s sports massage. As a Physical Therapist I constantly refer patients to Leslie and they all show excellent results from her medical massage.
— Boris Glizon, Physical Therapist, triathlete

“Over the past 6 years and counting, Leslie has played an integral role in my holistic well being. She’s helped me train for races spanning from 5Ks to marathons. She’s helped me recover from shin splints, a nagging Achilles tendon issue, arthroscopic meniscus repair and even the inevitable shoulder and back pain from sitting at the office. As a longtime runner and athlete, she also understands the frustration and heartbreak that often comes with being sidelined due to “disagreeable” muscles and joints. I consider Leslie my “Park Slope Secret Weapon” when it comes to addressing wear and tear.”

-Brigid Duffy, New York Harriers